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A support group for Durham Tees Valley Airport was first conceived during May 2011, when the then owners, Peel Airports Limited, or possibly more so Vancouver Airport Services, in conjunction with the existing Friends of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (FODSA), contacted the DTVMovements.co.uk updating team and the Cleveland Aviation Society. This resulted in a meeting between 12 aviation enthusiasts on May 19th with the then Airport Director, Mike Morton and Airfield Manager Shaun Woods. This was followed up on October 4th when four of the initial 12 flew down to Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport to meet with FODSA committee members and Shaun Woods. After this, things went quiet for a while whilst a change in ownership of DTVA occurred to Peel Investments (DTVA) Limited (effectively cutting all ties with VAS), during this time, Cleveland Aviation Society withdrew their interest in the scheme. On 26th July 2012, a meeting took place at the St. George Hotel which saw the formation of the FoDTVA Committee, this was followed up on the 3rd September when the airport approved our constitution and in doing so, launched the scheme.


Our primary aim is to promote, support and assist Durham Tees Valley Airport wherever and whenever possible. This includes several tasks ranging from promoting the airport at various public events, through to the likes of snow clearing and assisting with one-off events that may see an influx of additional passengers such as the annual Lourdes charters. The majority of our tasks are at the airports request and in some cases may be at short notice. Should the need ever arise, we can also act as a pressure group if we feel either the airport owners or a third party are doing something to the disadvantage of the facility. It is important to stress at this point that we are not here to provide a free workforce to cover jobs that have previously been made redundant, nor will we have an adverse effect on the amount of staff the airport may take on in the future. We are extra help, not replacement help.

Achieving our aims

We seek volunteers from our membership to carry out any tasks the airport require us to complete as well as attending various events and providing the general public with advice and information relating to Durham Tees Valley Airport. FoDTVA act as helping hands when the airport require that extra muscle that their existing work force may not be able to cope with. This can include marketing activities through to rare events which may see an influx of additional aircraft and passengers. All of this is managed by the FoDTVA committee members and at least one committee member should be in attendance at any event or during any task.


Where required, members will be issued with the relevant airport passes and training to allow access to the parts of the airport as the need arises. We have an office provided by the airport with full administration services including a computer within the main terminal.

See Membership page for details.


We cover our overheads with a small £12.00 per year membership fee. We make no profit whatsoever from this charge, nor does any committee member or any other member receive payment for any services carried out – all FoDTVA work is done on a voluntary basis. Records of all income and outgoings are examined each year by an independant accountant. The £12.00 membership fee will begin on 1st January each year. Any members who registered before then can enjoy a temporarily free membership as this will be a good opportunity to see if the scheme interests you. If it’s not for you then we will give you the opportunity to opt out before the end of the year.

Committee Members

Committee roles are put up for renewal once per year at the Annual General Meeting to which anyone can challenge for a role.

The Committee for 2017 is as follows:

Chairman: Brian Robinson
Vice Chairman: Stuart Reid
Treasurer: Richard Bowater
Secretary: Chris Smith
Information Officer: Matt Falcus
Events Officer (External): Michael McNeil
Events Officer (Internal): Dave Allanson
Recruiment Officer: Paul Tasker
Committee Member: Dave Anderson
Committee Member: Paul Watterson


Monthly meetings take place at the St. George Hotel (unless otherwise stated) on the first Friday of each month at 7.30pm. The January meeting is our Annual General Meeting and the December meeting is usually an informal Christmas get-together.


This website is the heart of our operation and we are supremely proud of it. It rarely falls out of date and contains a wealth of information about FoDTVA, Durham Tees Valley Airport and the airlines and companies that use the facility.


FoDTVA plan to organise regular events and trips that may interest our members, see the Events page for more details.

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