Friends of Durham Tees Valley Airport (FoDTVA) held its annual general meeting at the St George Hotel on Friday 6th January.

As is expected at all AGMs, FoDTVA’s Committee positions were all resigned and elected again, including the Chairman position.

The new Committee for 2017 is as follows:

Chairman: Brian Robinson
Vice Chairman: Stuart Reid
Treasurer: Richard Bowater
Secretary: Chris Smith
Information Officer: Matt Falcus
Events Officer (External): Michael McNeil
Events Officer (Internal): Dave Allanson
Recruiment Officer: Paul Tasker
Committee Member: Dave Anderson
Committee Member: Paul Watterson

The Events Internal position is new for 2017, creating a position for supporting the irregular flights that the group helps out with at the airport, such as the annual Lourdes, Lapland and holiday charter flights. It will also support the seasonal Jersey service.

A non-committee Events Support position was also created to support external events held at fairs and shows.


Chairman Brian Robinson, who continues in the role for 2017, gave a report thanking the group and its members for their help in supporting the group’s activities over the past year. He reiterated the positive steps taken by the airport and the more position position it finds itself in compared to a year ago.


Following the AGM, the group were treated to a talk by Dave Fraser, who is an engineer working in the calibration of airport navigational aids. Having spent much of his career working at Durham Tees Valley, it was interesting to learn about how runway navigational aids are calibrated on board aircraft, and just how detailed the work is. The informative and interesting talk was highly appreciated and we hope to bring more speakers to upcoming meetings.